Sometimes having a lot of information is overwhelming. If narrowing down your options is helpful, use these groupings to help you focus your search.


Your desk & desktop are your focus, let’s make them more productive.

    • Winsted sit/stand consoles with climate control
    • Concept Seating chairs for 24/7 use
    • RGB Spectrum to streamline your workflow
    • Equature logging recorders
    • Avtec radio consoles


Sit? Stand? Desks that adjust to your preference make a big difference! Winsted offers a wide variety of desks and furniture that will maximize your space. WELS4 software lets you see what your space will look like. When you’re sitting for a long shift, you want a chair that supports you. Concept Seating does just that. Multiple adjustments and a unique suspension system makes Concept Seating your favorite chair! 


RGB Spectrum‘s QVUHDxKVM allows you to work on multiple PCs and networks using just ONE keyboard and mouse. Wherever your mouse is, that’s the active screen. Their Galileo and Zio products allow you to distribute video across the room or across the state. How do you need your video to work for you?


Avtec radio consoles are secure, reliable, and scalable. The Scout product line will ultimately replace the MCC series. Equature logging recorders do so much more than record. With Equature, you can review job performance as well as getting GPS and on-scene video. It uses bodycam footage to detect a weapon and warn the officer. Equature allows you to search 100% of the content. You can also search for what isn’t there! Have dozens of calls about a major crash and one about a heart attack? You can find the one call that doesn’t mention the crash. 


How could these technologies make your job easier? 


Communication is essential, here are tools to do that (& tools to fix ‘em, when needed).


  • JPS Interoperability to connect disparate radios, PSTNs, & VIA App; & SCADA security
  • Digital Alert Systems for EAS with CAP & IPAWS
  • Kirisun PoC & DMR radios
  • Etherstack/GME P25 radios & repeaters
  • SmokeD wildfire detectors
  • Testforce for Viavi, Rohde&Schwarz, & Tektronix
  • CableAML for Racom microwave links
  • Amphenol Procom antenna, DAS, and combiner and filter solutions
  • PM AM allows the PD to communicate with community about emergencies or events


Different departments have different communication tools. JPS Interoperability (briefly known as Raytheon) allows you to bridge a variety of radios, phones, and PTT apps. They are the leader in interoperability that allows you to manage an incident with confidence. Digital Alert Systems (formerly Monroe) has exceptionally reliable EAS codecs and outstanding customer service. Fully updated units have CAP, IPAWS, and provides for onsite backup. 


Kirisun offers PoC radios and are a cost effective solution if you have a gap in your radio offerings. Etherstack/GME offer the smallest P25 mobile radio to maximize space in your vehicle. 


SmokeD provides wildfire notification and detection. Each unit can see for 110° and at least 10 miles. Notifications go to your phone or email. 


PM AM City Reach is a great tool to tell a particular neighborhood there is an event or tell the whole city to shelter in place. You can even send businesses messages. Wouldn’t that be great in time of COVID19? 


Testforce has all the test equipment  you need to keep your radios running smoothly. Viavi, Rohde&Schwarz, and Tektronix are there when you need them. 


Amphenol Procom has all the antennas, combiners, duplexers, multicouplers, and filters you could ever need. Base stations, portable, vehicle mount, or body worn, they’ve got the antenna for you. Amphenol Procom is Motorola’s antenna of choice. 


CableAML has microwave links from RACOM. The RAy3 has superior availability at a better price point. You’ll be glad you found RACOM. 


When you’re out & about you still need to be connected & productive:

  • RuggON tablets to use in full daylight or wearing gloves in snow
  • Kirisun PoC and DMR radios
  • Etherstack/GME space-saving P25 radios & deployable repeaters
  • PM AM Crime Disruptor be where the crime is
  • JPS Interoperability connect disparate radio types & phones


RuggON goes where you go. If you’re in the weather and wearing gloves, you can still use it. If you’re in the blazing sun you can still read it and take it into the a/c cooled car. No problem. It can also be hardwired to a vehicle. Options include barcoder reader, mag stripe reader, fingerprint reader. Imagine the uses!


Kirisun PoC radios are where it’s at. They’re hot commodities that don’t require a license from the FCC. Easy to use and affordable. You want to get these! If you find your product line up is missing a reliable DMR radio, try Kirisun. 


Etherstack/GME provide communication on the go. GME offers the smallest form factor P25 portable radio. You’ll like the small size and big performance. Etherstack offers a deployable P25/analog repeater that weighs less than 20lbs. Try it, you’ll like it. 


JPS Interoperability connects radios no matter the type. Kirisun, GME, Motorola, JVCKenwood, Harris, Hytera, iCom, SatComm, P25, DMR, LMR, phone, PTT app, PoC, with JPS, you can talk to whomever you need to wherever you are. 


PM AM Crime Disrupter can be used on the RuggON tablet in the car. It uses your CAD information to give more accurate predictive policing models. It is 70% accurate on a macro level and 30% accurate on a micro level. If you could predict what crimes and where, you could be there to disrupt it. Your community will love you!


Sometimes you need to take your show on the road. Roll without worry using:

  • JPS Interoperability
  • Winsted consoles
  • RGB Spectrum for video distribution to mobile devices, across the room or across town
  • Concept Seating chairs


Patrol vehicles benefit from

  • RuggOn for rugged tablets
  • PM AM Crime Disruptor to know where, when, & what crimes are likely to occur
  • GME space saving P25 radios


Being in charge has its own issues. Lighten the load with these solutions:

  • Equature 100% content search (even search what’s missing), QA/QI
  • PM AM City Reach communicate with citizens easier than ever, delivering information to their phone, voice mail, or email
  • PM AM False Alarm Management (FAMS) giving you back hours & hours of time spent on false alarms. It recovers 90%+ of costs associated with false alarms, too. You’ll be able to get back to the projects you haven’t had time or money for. 
  • PM AM Crime Disruptor practically lets you see the future so you can disrupt the crimes (accuracy: 70% macro, 30% micro)