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To name a few industries we serve: transportation, cities, states, DOTs, manufacturing, warehousing, transit, forklift drivers, healthcare, pole climbers, utilities, railroads, schools, construction, food processing, mining, public safety, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, military, mechanics, pilots, baggage handlers. Pretty much, if you can be hurt on the job, we can help.

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Vertical Training is exercise done on a vertical plane that does not allow the body to find equilibrium. Once attached to the vertical surface of a Vertical Movement System™, leverage forces created for more than a moment by the weight of the body’s torso, involuntarily forces the recruitment of 200+ muscles in Tensional Lines! Sounds pretty amazing?! That is the fascinating phenomenon of Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology (G-NAT™).


G-NAT Life Movements decompress the joints from hand to foot, while at the same time creating tension within the muscles surrounding and supporting the joints; developing much needed joint stability to reduce injury risk and increase overall balance and stability. It also improves our ability to transition from one movement to another.

More movement synergy makes us stronger, more coordinated and improves overall speed and human performance. Global Energy Consumption is an inherent side effect of GNA. The body becomes more efficient at burning glucose and fat stores because so many muscles are continually engaged. With several hundred muscles all wanting to recover, this puts the body into “after burn” for over 24 hours.

G-NAT reduces fatigue to keep workers alert and engaged. G-NAT engages the sympathetic nervous system. Explore more about G-NAT by contacting us today.



Soon you will know about this awesome new gadget that will reduce work by at least 50% for the right person. I’ll give you the signal when the time is right. 



Fatigue management and cognitive impairment assessment are simple when you partner with Predictive Safety. AlertMeter is top level impairment assessment before a shift or critical task. PRISM monitors clock in, clock out, time off to predict fatigue. You can see in an instant who will be at risk of a fatigue related incident.

Take a tour of the platform to see how you can lower workers comp claims, improve productivity, lower drug testing costs, or reduce turnover. Maybe all of those! Win, win, win. All that in 90 seconds a day. A small investment with a big payoff!





Satcomm enable devices to track assets and send data from anyplace to your RoGO portal. Wildland firefighters can monitor location of fire engines, water tenders, and bulldozers. No more waiting for reports back as to progress the crew made. Now Incident Command can have real time situational awareness by being able to see where teams and assets are in real time. Eliminate the guesswork and turn wildland firefighting into a real time strategy instead of turn based.


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