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Drawing of G-NAT Vertical Fitness Workout Equipment


The mission of G-NAT™ is to improve the life for as many people as possible, by producing safer and more ergonomic movements for the body. G-NAT will save precious time and be your sustainable exercise modality, no matter your age, size, or condition level. Results come fast with less time invested. Life is enjoyed outside the gym and rehab center, so spend less time in it.

  • Full body focus
  • Low to no impact movements
  • Joint decompression
  • Improved blood circulation, neurotransmission, skeletal alignment, and postural form
  • Very small equipment footprint
  • Efficient workouts of 6-12 minutes, including a 24+ hour “afterburn” where the body burns fat at 56-24% higher than normal

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AlertMeter game improves employee safety in sixty seconds
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Human factors are the cause of most workplace accidents and injuries. If you could predict who would have an incident and when, you would save lives, limbs, and money. AlertMeter is a 60 second cognitive impairment game. Each person has their own baseline.

AlertMeter is sensitive to:

  • Chemical issues – Drugs, alcohol, hangover, medication side effects or interactions. 
  • Physical issues – Inadequate nutrition, sleep, or hydration; fatigue
  • Emotional issues – arguments, grief, upset



Employers report:

  • Improved productivity 10%+
  • Increased employee retention 35%
  • Reduced recordable incidents by 50%
  • Lowered drug testing costs by 90%
  • Provided ROI of 300%-500% (not a typo)



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When you see it, you’ll know you want it. From inputting base data to extracting final reporting, this product will cut your work down by 50% while costing 60% less than the competition. You’ll make more money by doing your work faster and more cost effectively than ever before. 


  • Small form factor
  • Flexible input and output
  • Efficient readings
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reporting
  • Affordable
RoGO wildfire crew tracking


The Dingell Act wants to protect firefighters and the equipment they depend on during wildland fires. RoGO’s DropBlock is satellite enabled communications after exhausting wi-fi and cellular service. Useful if you want to monitor remote locations for fire danger or keep real time track of teams.

RoGO turns wildland firefighting into a real time strategy. Know where everyone is and what is happening on the ground. Our technology helps you put out fire faster to save lives and resources. 

  • Location of crews and equipment in real time – don’t guess or hope they arrived
  • Weather reports from crew location – know what’s happening on the ground
  • Vectors for air support – hit the fire, not the crew
  • Strategy enhancement when you can see all the crew locations – knowing is better than hoping


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We are a manufacturers representative, meaning we bring multiple solutions to you with one point of contact. Many people call us salespeople, but we’re really solutionspeople.


We are passionately objective. We work with these providers because we believe in them. We don’t believe in them because we work with them. There’s a difference.


Each solution is innovative and helps you get the desired results faster, whether it’s improving employee fitness or safety; or reducing time spent putting out wildland fires or measuringreporting with the soon-to-be-revealed-mystery-machine.


You will be well served by any or all of our solutions. 


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