If you’d like to learn more about a product (or two or three) that we represent, let’s get you more information by doing an online demo.

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Your job requires your full attention. And if your chair is uncomfortable, you can’t focus. Take a Concept Seating chair for a spin and see what you think.

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An online demo of RGB Spectrum shows you how you can send video across the room or across the state. Whether you want to send information from one site to many, or many sites to one, or one to one, you can! Reduce clutter with QVUHDxKVM to control up to six sources one keyboard & mouse. 


The Z2 distributed gateway from JPS allows you to connects different types of radios, phone lines, & the JPS app that turns your phone into a PTT radio. Let us show you how easy it is to connect your world. 

winsted impulse

Consoles to fit your every need. PSAPs, control rooms, & offices. We have your mission critical furniture. Call us to design your new & improved room.


Three tools to improve communication & efficiency. Use them separately or in concert. You’ll be glad you did. City Reach allows you to text, email, call, or notify via an app. False Alarm Management System (FAMS) takes a load of work off your plate to get you back to the other projects on hand. It also recovers 90%+ of the costs associated with false alarm responses. Crime Disruptor uses your CAD data to give you a policing edge. If you know where, when, & what type of crime is happening, you can be more effective.