You were the catalyst for initiating this discussion, and it has resulted in progress that I have been pursuing for some time. Thank you.
–Rod G.

Thanks Karen!  You’re the best!
–Sharee R.

Thank you Karen!!! You’re pretty darn awesome!!
–Crystal F.

Anyone that can hold a sales meeting in a Costco full of desperate zombie hoarders, is pretty impressive in my book.
–Thane H.

Karen has outstanding outreach and sales skills that enable a wide variety of business connections. She is able to follow through on those initial connections to build strong partnership that lead to profitable experiences. She is a manager that turns vision into reality.
–Aimee D.

Karen is perhaps one of the brightest and most talented executives I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and I’ve consulted and worked with many over the years of our consultancy. With innovation and the innate ability to listen she identifies the needs of her clients. Her skills and abilities are a gift.
–Kevin L.

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