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Many of us have been working from home making do with what we had on hand. After more than four months of working on a folding table, it’s high time for a better sitch. Besides, sitting all the time isn’t great for our health. Especially if it’s a hard kitchen chair. Time to settle in and set up a REAL home office.


Winsted Control Room Consoles has product for your home office, your corner office, your control room, your dispatch center, your reception area, and your call center. Impulse and Ascend will let you sit or stand with the push of a button. With Impulse, you can move your monitors independent of your work surface.


Add RGB Spectrum’s XtendPoint you can improve your workflow by using a single mouse and keyboard to work on up to 8 (yes, EIGHT!) screens. We put them on two larger monitors to make life easier. KlickSimple technology shows you which screen you’re working on and puts the easy in peasy.


If you DO need to sit, Concept Seating has what you need. All day, every day, our chairs can stand up (wait, wut?) to your use. Want a demo, give us a holler.


This is the beauty of using a manufacturers rep. One point of contact for multiple solutions. Want to see what other solutions we offer? Click here to download our line card.