Rocky Mountain TSG is a manufacturers representative. You will save time, energy, money, & frustration by finding multiple solutions from a single point of contact. A local contact. You request information, we share, & then you direct how to proceed. You will never be pressured to purchase, except maybe from internal pressure wanting our awesome solution.


We show up. We follow up. We do our work with ethics, honesty, integrity, laughter, & gratitude.


As participants in APCO & NENA in Colorado, Utah, & Wyoming you will see us at industry events. As well as in your office. We are active members of Radio Club of America & CMA, the association for manufacturers representatives in the communication industry. 


Our company is affiliated with The Sales Group. We represent common lines. We have similar customers. Together we cover 13 states in the western US with 12 sales people. We believe in excellence & continual learning. We have three CPMR* graduates, so you know we understand the nuances of representing multiple manufacturers & running a sales organization. We are businesspeople in sales, not salespeople in business. We have six CSP** graduates. The tenets of CSP emphasize understanding what the customer needs & what’s important to them, not how to overcome objections. Karen, the principal of Rocky Mountain TSG has earned both designations, so while she did the work, you reap the rewards.


At Rocky Mountain TSG we create value. We create friendships. For us, it’s personal.


We look forward to learning about you & your goals so we can support your efforts. 


*CPMR – Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative

**CSP – Certified Sales Professional